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Flex Tape 4" Black

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Fix Almost Anything … Fast!
Need a quick fix? Flex Tape can handle it. Strong, waterproof tape has a flexible, rubberized backing that conforms to any shape or object. Instantly repair almost anything!

Go To Any Extreme
Flex Tape can be applied in hot or cold temperatures, wet or dry, even underwater. Easily and quickly covers rips, leaks, cracks, gaps or holes, creating a super-strong, watertight barrier.

So Many Uses
Flex Tape is great for just about everything. Fix a hole in the roof or stop a leaky gutter; works on PVC and plumbing pipes, vents and air ducts; repair a hole in your boat, hose or above-ground pool; or keep it handy for those do-it-yourself projects.

Instantly Patch, Bond, Seal & Repair
Easily Covers Rips, Leaks, Cracks, Gaps and Holes!
Great for Windows, Doors, Pools, Boats and More!
From the Makers of "Flex Seal"
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